About the Journalist:

Since I was young, I’ve had a strong fascination with the world around me, harboring an intense desire to share all the different stories of the unique people and cultures that make this world so beautiful. With an emphasis on multi-media storytelling--utilizing my skills in writing, editing, photography, web design and audio recording--I report on a variety of topics from community and world news to arts and culture features, with human-interest always at the center. I view every assignment I work on as a privilege and a chance to look at life and "purpose" through another set of eyes. That gift, is what made me fall in love with being a journalist.

This past summer, I graduated with my Journalism B.A. from Point Loma Nazarene University in California. During my time in college, I threw myself into as many storytelling opportunities as possible. I worked for three years as a reporter and Features Section Editor for my school's weekly newspaper, The Point, getting to know foreign film directors and Green Beret Olympic Athletes. I also discovered an affinity for broadcasting, interviewing campus professors as I co-hosted school radio shows and served as entertainment reporter for PLNU's Coastline News Station. I truly became attached to multi-media reporting when I produced my first student documentary, Red to Blue, and was an assistant director for my classmate's short film Reluctantly Dead.


Still, I always came back to writing, taking my first internship at Women's Running Magazine, which had a global reach in the health and fitness world. I also interned with San Diego's keynote arts and culture publication, San Diego CityBeat, where I wrote a cover story on world-travelling circus performers, in addition to my reviews on the best classic vs craft Sangrias. After graduation, I was hired as a freelance journalist for the San Diego Community News Group after completing a spring internship with them, reporting on city-wide marches for gun control and writing an investigative story on petitions to save Liberty Station's historic North Chapel. Last June, I won two awards in The Society of Professional Journalists' Excellence in Journalism, Professional Reporting categories. 


Right now, I'm making a living as a full-time freelance journalist and editor, working for not only SDNews, but also for Madison's The Capital Times as a food writer and for Isthmus, the city's arts and culture weekly. I am also a contributor for Fansided's entertainment news site Hidden Remote, running recorded interviews with key figures in television, like Small Business Revolution's Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman, along with God Friended Me co-star Javicia Leslie. For almost two years I have also served as freelance writer and editor for Moments with Marianne Radio and recently became a managing editor at Syndicate Media Group.


My reporting has put me in the thick of life, getting to know the people I write about and falling in love with their stories. Whether it's a race through the mountains, a protest through the streets or a trip to cinema's foreign shores, writing has the power to bring those experiences to life and change other's perspectives. The world has so many stories to tell and I'm just the girl with the pen, spreading the word.

About the Blog:

My Written World is a blog (shocker), written by a writer, about, well...writing. Surprised? It may seem like an obvious idea, though critics may deem it cliche.


The truth is, my written world is what I know best and I could talk about it for days on end; the struggles, the joys and, of course, the endless battle with procrastination.


I've written other blogs before, everything from lifestyle to entertainment. But I also work in these fields full time and, let's be honest, it's hard coming up with new things to write about when you've spent 10 or more hours of the day immersed in film news, food recipes, and seemingly endless community events. 

But, at the end of the day, when I've thrown down journalism gauntlet (aka pathetically tossing my purse, camera bag and laptop on the couch), I sit next to my husband and talk about, you guessed it, writing.


Whether you're a journalist, author, script writer or blogger, the job has its ups and downs. But there's never a shortage of bizarre stories to share or amateur wisdom to bestow (yippee).  


So, here it is. The online paper version of writing thoughts, feelings and minor concerns that circle through my sleep-deprived brain every waking moment.