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With a rich history and deep roots in furniture for the modern workplace, we create spaces that attract people, experiences, and innovation. We’ve created a place where people prefer to work, where productivity soars, and your brand comes to life in ways that foster creativity and collaboration. At Fluid, we create smarter spaces where people and ideas thrive, and innovation soars. We turn workspaces into experiences and uncomplicate hard-to-navigate processes.


The square feet that surround you, the halls you pass through and the space you occupy for 7.5-11 hours a day matter. This is your work life. At Prevolv, we understand the “work” and the “life.” We address the where, the why and the how of work. We specialize in working environments and environments that work. Join the Prevolution.

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Currell Consulting specializes in teaching technical subject matter experts to approach prospective clients with more confidence and clarity to build their client bases and grow revenue. We believe that prospecting for new clients and new business is something that should be done with the confidence of knowing you have something to offer and through the respect and intentional approach we teach, which offers mutual benefit. With 40 years of expertise in prospecting, consultative sales, and customer service skills development, we provide sales and customer service training, coaching, and sales process consulting services.

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One of the biggest challenges for your small business is finding the time to manage all of the accounting aspects. That’s where we can help. At Books & Payroll, we specialize in providing accurate and timely bookkeeping services for all types of small businesses, freeing up time and providing peace of mind for clients.

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Bruce Prevost Construction is a Central MN builder and a full-service construction management company. We specialize in pre-sold executive homes, custom lake homes, green building, remodeling projects, and light commercial construction.

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It’s not a product review site. It’s not a lifestyle magazine. But if those two met on an online dating site, well, let’s just say that 9 months later, you’d have RAVE. A pure product review site will give you an exhaustive rundown on the features of a coffee maker or a vacuum or a set of headphones you’re considering. 


Online Schools Report provides students with accurate and actionable data on every online college program in the United States. We exist to cut through the jargon and the marketing and help prospective students find the affordable, quality online college education that is right for them. We rebuilt college rankings from the ground up, focused on online students and online programs. For a comprehensive overview of the online college scene, check out our rankings of the best online colleges and the most affordable online colleges.

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CBD Breaker was born out of a vision to cut through the noise and misinformation in the world of CBD. The experts on our team–from reviewers to researchers–come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a steadfast commitment to providing readers with the most accurate information possible. My responsibilities, as both an editor and website manager, include overseeing published content and writing teams as well as overseeing web design updates as a whole. I also work with affiliate link coding to help produce financially viable traffic from CBD Breaker, to the products we review. Though this site is no longer active, I've included a link to the generous recommendation provided for me by this client, which speaks to the skills I honed managing this site. 

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HiLine has provided unique flooring solutions to clients throughout the Midwest for over 40 years. We sell and market commercial and residential flooring by providing customers with local representation and education for our industry-leading manufacturing partners. HiLine also provides wholesale distribution of a wide range of flooring solutions. HiLine believes that floors can do more. We have the resolve to help you obtain the maximum performance out of every one of your flooring projects. Though this site is no longer active, I've included a link to the generous recommendation provided for me by this client, which speaks to the skills I honed managing this site. 

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We can help organize, prioritize, personalize and improve your business. By organizing customer data, we aim to improve a company's overall productivity in sales, marketing and customer relations (CRM). Unlike other consultancies which primarily focus on the technical aspects of implementation, Kiwi Group recognizes the client’s strategic and operational goals and uses them to drive technology design and implementation. Organizing and modernizing was my focus with creating Kiwi Group's website. I worked with the founder and CEO to not only clean up her business' Services and About page content, but also produced a web design that was fun and fresh, just like the technology they use to help other businesses get organized. Though this site is no longer active, I've included a link to the generous recommendation provided for me by this client, which speaks to the skills I honed managing this site. 

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