May 1, 2020

Creation Station is a collection of videos I compiled from interviews I've had the absolute privilege to take part in with actors, creators, editors and directors across various genres of entertainment.

From addressing anime diversity in Cannon Busters to Oscar reaction...

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VA Jonah Scott Talks Beastars
Dub Director David Wald talk To Love Ru
Director David Wald Talks To Love Ru
Writer Amanda Miller Talks Cannon Busters
VA Morgan Berry Talks Kase-san and Morning Glories
Editor Jinmo Yang Talks Parasite
Editor Jordan Bayes (1) Talks Vinland Saga
Editor Jordan Bayes (2) Talks Aggretsuko
Editor David Heinz Talks The Call of the Wild
DP Polly Morgan Talks A Quiet Place Part 2
Carl Johnson Talks Looney Tunes Cartoons
Director David Wald Talks Hitorijime My Hero
Director Tony Cervone Talks Scoob!