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Animation World Network

Interviewing directors, animators, producers, voice actors and composers for some of the hottest animations both in the U.S. and abroad, my stories at Animation World Network get to the heart of animated storytelling by spotlighting the brains behind the filmmaking operations. From hit Japanese animations such as Beastars, to Warner Bros. classics like Looney Tunes, I've been privileged to cover a wide range of animation genres and chat with some truly brilliant artists and learn from them as I put their stories and insights to paper. Working at Animation World Network offers me the opportunity not only to write and learn more about a genre of entertainment I have always adored, but also to show readers that animation really is for anyone and everyone.


The Capital Times

I work specifically with the Cap Time's Let's Eat section of this weekly newspaper. From Russian sweets, Indian savories and the best swankafied sushi in town, there's a lot more variety to these food features than one might think. I've gotten to attend summer farmers markets to report on Vatrushka's eastern European sweets, interviewed a baker from Italy whose family had been running the same pizza restaurant for 40 years and taste-tested traditional Chinese hand-pulled noodles that took years to perfect. Working with Cap Times has not only let me write about incredible food--and the colorful cultures they originate from--but also has educated me on the dozens of creative eateries all over town. Food journalism is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition, I've written arts features for the Cap Times, one of my favorites about a local "music man" who left an emotional mark on Madison's music teacher community and his students forever inspired. 


FanSided & Hidden Remote

As a contributing writer and freelance reporter for one of the fastest growing online entertainment sites on the internet, I have gotten the chance to not only write well-researched aggregation articles on the latest news in film and television, but also have received opportunities to interview television show hosts, actors, directors and writers. I cover a wide range of entertainment genres, including new Japanese anime releases on Netflix, production news on Disney remakes, and exciting changes to television series like Small Business Revolution. I have had the opportunity to attend popular events like ACE Comic Con Chicago and interview key figures in television like God Friended Me's Javicia Leslie, social activists like actress Sophia Bush, and Amanda to the Rescue's Amanda Giese from Animal Planet. Hidden Remote has not only helped me grow and develop as a reporter, utilizing my skills as both an on-site and computer-assisted reporter, but also helped me to discover my unique voice, giving me a platform to show the world why I love entertainment.


San Diego Community News Group

Under the umbrella of the SD Newspaper Group are a variety of local publications, such as The La Jolla Village News, The Peninsula Beacon, Beach & Bay Press, SD Downtown News, and SD Uptown News. I've had the opportunity to write multiple stories for all three publications. With a focus on local community news, I've been able to cover stories about famous comedians, petitions to save historic chapels, marches for gun control, tissue donations for Lyme disease research, the reviving of Miss Russian beauty pageants and even Dr. Seuss' latest book releases. All these stories have a focus on the people of San Diego's bay-side neighborhoods and unique stories they have to share. My favorite part of writing for these publications is that there's no story too big or small for us to cover. We give a voice to everyone in San Diego.


LQ Lion Dance Team Eclipse from Seattle WA (who shared their second place win with Far Eas
Isthmus Newspaper

Known throughout the Madison area as the number one source for contemporary news on arts, culture and community news, Isthmus is one of the more unconventional weekly newspapers I've had the privilege to work for.  Every story I've worked on for this publication has been incredibly hands on and immersive, from hiking through the woods with college research teams to set up camera traps, to attending caburlesque rehearsals. I've attended Broadway plays, workshops to create science studies to comics and city-wide veteran art exhibits. I've also covered U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin's victory speech party and a climate action lawsuit, spearheaded by a college sophomore student named Vic Barrett. 


The Mary Sue

The Mary Sue is an online news and entertainment publication focused on putting out well-researched, well-informed, well-written articles that are also fun to read. The Mary Sue has a unique style from other online publications and they foster an environment of forward thinking and individual expression. I've had the chance to write fun, list-style articles on parody anime, conduct interviews with professional voice actors and write about books no one ever knew inspired critically acclaimed films. The Mary Sue has a fun approach to journalism that's no less professional. It just offers the freedom to be witty with what we write about. 


Kris Miller  Womens C 1X National Champion  2011.jpg
Women's Running Magazine

During the summer of 2016, I interned as a staff writer and assistant editor at Women's Running Magazine in La Jolla, California. While there, I wrote feature articles for the magazine as well as online pieces for the website. I covered stories on celebrities, the Olympics, the latest technological advances in health and fitness, wilderness safety, unique persons profiles and heroic athletes. Working for Women's Running taught me that fitness is not just a form of sport or health consciousness for people, but is way these women find joy in life and look to make the world a better place. My favorite story I was able to write for this magazine was about a triathlete who grew up during the Title IX era. Her story of overcoming sexism was truly an inspiration. 


Point Weekly & LomaBeat

From cannibals to USS midway veterans and international film festivals, I've gotten the chance to write such incredible and unique stories for my university's newspaper, The Point Weekly. Along with creative nonfiction articles that have been published in the paper's online site, this is the first publication I began writing for and it is also the most recent as I continue to work here as both a writer and features section editor. I have written movie reviews, stories about NASA's mars endeavors, done interviews with Asian and Latino filmmakers, plus covered the spread of the Zika virus in San Diego. From hard news to features, writing for The Point has broadened my journalism horizons and given me a chance to meet incredibly interesting and beautiful people.


San Diego CityBeat

While this weekly magazine covers everything from homelessness to art murals at the Tijuana border, CityBeat's primary focus is on arts and culture, paying special attention to give voice to the unique humans of San Diego. I had the special opportunity to write as an intern for CityBeat during the summer of 2017 and continued on for another year as a freelancer for their special edition issues. I wrote about Comic Con events for non-badge holders, the best craft and classic Sangrias, circus performers and their passion for "walking the tightrope," and many others. I was lucky enough to have my circus story land on the magazine's cover and still keep in touch today with the performers and teachers I interviewed for the story. 

Moments With Marianne

Moments With Marianne is a radio show dedicated to health and wellness, and spotlighting individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others find a life of peace. On top of newsletter editing and ghostwriting, I've also done book reviews on award-winning novels and aggregation articles for upcoming films, serving as a staff writer for the business. My editing services have been subcontracted to the station's outside clients, like health and wellness authors and researchers who are looking to get their manuscripts refined. 

Web Design & Management

I create fresh and modern looks for the websites of various business consulting companies. I also personally manage the content and design of Syndicate Media's website, CBD Breaker. Whether I'm working on designs for data and CRM-focused companies, or managing the back-end of the next leading website in CBD information, I also work to modernize a website's look that emanates the vision of that particular business. Not only to I create a one-of-a-kind design that embodies the heart and soul of these companies, but I also work with CEOs and founders to re-structure company content and language on their new site, which enhances their message and draws in more customers and readers. 

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Broadcast, Film & Radio

As a multimedia journalist, I enjoy not only my time working behind a computer screen, but also at the front end of a camera, sharing my love for the entertainment industry for any who are willing to tune in. This page hosts an assortment of videos from my recorded interviews with actors and television hosts for Hidden Remote and OnMilwaukee. Other videos featured include a Coastline News segment on which I appeared as one of the entertainment reporters, plus clips from a show I formerly co-hosted called Classics on Point, discussing and analyzing old movies. I also had the opportunity to produce and edit a short documentary on political groups on campus where I got to use my storytelling skills in a new medium. ​This page also contains podcasts from a weekly radio show I co-hosted called The Forum. The show centered around hot societal topics like feminism and science and faith, plus interviewing PLNU professors to provide expert insight to listeners. 

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