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Introducing Creation Station!

Creation Station is a collection of videos I compiled from interviews I've had the absolute privilege to take part in with actors, creators, editors and directors across various genres of entertainment.

From addressing anime diversity in Cannon Busters to Oscar reactions with blockbuster favorites like Parasite, my film and television interviews highlight not only aspects of how these shows and movies are made, but also why they're important to the people I chat with. I'd be lying if I said these interview segments also didn't include some comedy and silliness (like editors being starstruck over working with Harrison Ford), because they definitely do.

But that's the very reason I decided to dedicate a space to short, audio version segments of these interviews. While I enjoyed writing out and organizing these Q&As into a cohesive story, there's something about uncut, unfiltered, recorded interviews that adds such a fun and personal perspective to any story.

If you love entertainment and want to get to know the people responsible for creating such amazing works (one minute at a time), make a stop at Creation Station and give the videos a watch/listen. They're short, they're sweet, and some of my favorite moments working as a journalist.


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